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AED 39,000.00

The 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Springer embodies the timeless allure of Harley’s heritage with its iconic styling and distinctive features. Instantly recognizable on the road, this motorcycle merges classic design cues with modern performance to create a ride that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating by SKLMOTO.

At the heart of the Dyna Springer is a potent Twin Cam 96 V-twin engine, displacing 1584cc (96 cubic inches). This air-cooled powerhouse delivers the signature Harley-Davidson rumble and robust torque, ensuring a commanding presence whether cruising through city streets or embarking on open highways. Mated to a smooth 6-speed transmission, the Dyna Springer effortlessly transitions through gears, providing a responsive and engaging riding experience.

One of the standout features of the 2009 Dyna Springer is its Springer front end. Equipped with a traditional springer fork adorned with exposed springs, this setup not only pays homage to Harley’s historic designs but also enhances the motorcycle’s retro aesthetic. Beyond its visual appeal, the springer front suspension contributes to a comfortable ride, absorbing road imperfections while maintaining stable handling characteristics.

In terms of ergonomics, the Dyna Springer offers a laid-back riding position suited for long-distance touring or relaxed urban commutes. Its low seat height and well-positioned controls ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of riders, further enhancing the overall riding experience.

Crafted with Harley-Davidson’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, the 2009 Dyna Springer invites customization. Enthusiasts can personalize their ride with a variety of Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories, tailoring the motorcycle to reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Whether admired for its classic lines, revered for its powerful performance, or cherished for its timeless appeal, the 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Springer stands as a testament to Harley’s enduring legacy. Embodying the spirit of freedom and individuality, this motorcycle continues to captivate riders who seek a blend of heritage, style, and performance on two wheels.

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AED 45,000.00

Timeless Touring Excellence: The 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited continues Harley-Davidson’s tradition of touring excellence, offering riders a perfect blend of comfort, performance, and style for memorable journeys.

High-Performance Engine: Powered by a high-performance engine, the FLHTK delivers smooth and reliable power, ensuring effortless acceleration and responsive performance on the open road.

Luxurious Comfort: With its spacious touring seat, advanced suspension system, and ergonomic design, the Electra Glide Ultra Limited provides riders and passengers with unmatched comfort for long-distance touring.

Premium Features: Equipped with premium features such as a state-of-the-art infotainment system, touchscreen display, navigation, and electronic cruise control, the FLHTK offers riders added convenience and entertainment options on their journeys.

Classic Harley-Davidson Styling: Featuring classic Harley-Davidson styling cues, including a distinctive fairing, chrome accents, and signature paint options, the Electra Glide Ultra Limited exudes timeless style and sophistication on every ride.

Customization Options: Personalize your Electra Glide Ultra Limited with a wide range of genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and parts, allowing you to customize your bike to suit your individual preferences and riding style.

Experience the ultimate touring motorcycle with the 2014 Harley-Davidson FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a test ride.

AED 37,000.00

2014 Harley Dyna Switchback Black Edition

Unleash the power of the open road with the 2014 Harley Dyna Switchback Black Edition, available at SKL Moto. This stunning bike boasts a mere 11,000 miles on the odometer, making it a pristine choice for riders seeking both performance and style.

Condition: Meticulously maintained and in excellent condition, this Dyna Switchback is ready to conquer any journey you have in mind. With its low mileage, you can expect smooth rides and thrilling adventures for miles to come.

Performance: Equipped with a full exhaust system, this bike not only sounds exhilarating but also delivers enhanced performance on the road. The blacked-out engine adds an extra touch of aggressiveness, perfectly complementing the bike’s sleek and modern design.


Full exhaust system for an enhanced riding experience.

Blacked-out engine for a bold and distinctive look.

Comfortable seating for long rides, ensuring both style and comfort.

Versatile design allows for easy customization to suit your personal taste.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the thrill of the open road on this remarkable machine. Contact SKL Moto today to schedule a test ride and make this 2014 Harley Dyna Switchback Black Edition yours.




AED 8,500.00

At first glance, the 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS might be mistaken for a middleweight sportbike due to its aggressive design and performance-oriented features. This lightweight sportbike incorporates many enhancements found on larger Ninja models, such as a digital fuel injection system, an F.C.C. clutch with assist and slipper functions, and a compact motorcycle ABS brake system. The Ninja 300 ABS is the best lightweight sportbike available today but is also capable of surprising competitors with twice its displacement in tight, technical corners. It offers a more comfortable seating position and easy reach to the ground, providing ease of use and maximum day-to-day riding enjoyment.


ABS Brakes: Boost rider confidence with enhanced stopping power.

Low Seat Height: 30.9-inch seat height and tapered seat boost confidence for smaller riders.

Engine: 296cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin design offers superior highway passing power and dominant acceleration.

Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®): Uses dual 32mm throttle bodies for outstanding throttle response and superb fuel economy.

F.C.C. Clutch: Assist and slipper functions provide excellent power handling capabilities with a light feel at the lever, making the clutch easy to modulate and reducing back torque to help minimize wheel hop when downshifting.

Sportbike Bodywork: Features an aggressive and edgy design with strong Ninja family DNA, setting the Ninja 300 apart from other lightweight sportbikes.

High-Tensile Frame: Provides optimum flex for superior feel and agility compared to the competition.

10-Spoke 17-inch Wheels: Look great and can fit premium sportbike rubber for optimum handling.

Six-Speed Transmission: Features a roller-type shift drum for smooth actuation, strong gears for maximum durability, and a wide selection of ratios to match varied riding conditions. The positive neutral finder makes it easy to find neutral when stopped.

Kawasaki Air Management System (KAMS): Uses a special deflector to channel hot air from the radiator, so it exits the bottom of the motorcycle instead of being blown onto the rider, making hot days and slow traffic cooler.


Engine: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, parallel twin

Displacement: 296cc

Bore x Stroke: 62.0mm x 49.0mm

Compression Ratio: 10.6:1

Cooling: Liquid

Fuel Injection: DFI® with dual 32mm throttle bodies

Ignition: TCBI with digital advance

Transmission: Six-speed

Final Drive: Chain

Frame Type: Semi-double cradle, high-tensile steel


Front: 37mm hydraulic telescopic fork

Rear: Uni-Trak® with 5-way adjustable preload

Front Travel: 4.7 in.

Rear Travel: 5.2 in.


Front: Single 290mm petal-type disc with two-piston hydraulic caliper and ABS

Rear: Single 220mm petal-type disc with two-piston hydraulic caliper and ABS

Wheels & Tires:

Front Tire: 110/70-17

Rear Tire: 140/70-17


Rake/Trail: 27 deg / 3.7 in.

Wheelbase: 55.3 in.

Seat Height: 30.9 in.

Overall Length: 79.3 in.

Overall Width: 28.1 in.

Overall Height: 43.7 in.

Curb Weight: 383.7 lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal.

Color: Ebony

The 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS offers a blend of performance, comfort, and advanced features, making it an excellent choice for new and experienced riders seeking a versatile and enjoyable sportbike by SKLMOTO.

AED 31,000.00


Discover the 2015 Harley-Davidson XL883 Iron 883, a pre-owned gem in our Sold Bikes Showcase. This iconic model features a minimalist, blacked-out design that exudes raw attitude and style. Powered by an 883cc Evolution engine, the Iron

883 delivers a robust and responsive ride, perfect for both urban streets and open highways.

This pre-owned 2015 Iron 883 has been meticulously maintained and inspected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and performance. With its distinctive look and impressive capabilities, it stands as a testament to Harley-Davidson’s legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.

Explore our gallery to see more of this outstanding motorcycle and get inspired for your next ride. At SKL MOTO, we bring you the best in pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles, combining value, quality, and style.

AED 52,000.00

Immerse yourself in the ultimate touring experience with the 2016 Harley Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU. Designed to conquer the open road with style and comfort, this iconic touring motorcycle sets the standard for long-distance cruising.

Sleek Design: The Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU boasts a distinctive shark-nose fairing that slices through the wind with precision. Its sleek lines and bold presence make a statement on any highway, while the classic Harley-Davidson styling ensures timeless appeal.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a high-output Twin Cam 103 engine, the Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU delivers effortless power and torque for mile after mile of exhilarating riding. Whether cruising along scenic routes or tackling challenging terrain, this touring bike is up to the task.

Luxurious Comfort: Step into the spacious saddle of the Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU and discover unparalleled comfort for rider and passenger alike. From the ergonomic seating to the advanced suspension system, every aspect is designed to enhance your touring experience.

Advanced Technology: With features like a premium audio system, touchscreen infotainment system, and intuitive navigation, the Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU keeps you connected and entertained on the road. Stay informed and in control, no matter where your journey takes you.

Unforgettable Journeys: More than just a motorcycle, the 2016 Harley Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU is your passport to adventure. Experience the freedom of the open road like never before and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss your chance to own this legendary touring motorcycle. Visit our dealership today and discover the 2016 Harley Road Glide Ultra – FLTRU for yourself.

AED 31,000.00

Step into the realm of timeless legend with the Forty-Eight® motorcycle by Harley Davidson. Born from the heritage of the iconic 2.1-gallon gas tank, which made its debut in 1948, this motorcycle embodies a legacy of strength and style unlike any other. Its distinctive bulldog stance, coupled with the commanding presence of the 1200cc Evolution® engine, ensures that every ride is a testament to unrivalled power and character.

But the allure of the Forty-Eight® extends far beyond its historic roots. With a fusion of classic design elements and cutting-edge engineering, this motorcycle redefines the boundaries of performance and aesthetics. Featuring robust 49mm front forks and an adjustable rear suspension, it effortlessly glides over any terrain, offering a harmonious balance of agility and comfort.

Cast aluminium wheels with floating rotors provide both visual appeal and superior braking power, instilling confidence in every twist of the throttle. And with a 5-speed manual transmission, riders have full control over the exhilarating experience that awaits them on the open road.

Despite its muscular presence, the Forty-Eight® is surprisingly agile, with a kerb weight that belies its strength. This combination of brawn and agility ensures a thrilling ride that is as exhilarating as it is comfortable.

With a fuel tank capacity of 7.9 litres, the Forty-Eight® strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency, allowing riders to embark on epic journeys with confidence and style. And with a seat height of 710 mm, it offers a commanding view of the road ahead, ensuring a riding experience that is both immersive and empowering.

In essence, the Forty-Eight® motorcycle is more than just a machine – it’s a symbol of freedom, individuality, and the enduring spirit of the open road. So whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring uncharted highways, the Forty-Eight® is ready to make a statement with every twist of the throttle.

AED 31,000.00

The 2017 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight XL1200 available from SKL Moto is a remarkable motorcycle that perfectly blends iconic Harley-Davidson design with cutting-edge performance. With its distinctive style and powerful engine, this bike offers riders an exhilarating riding experience that’s second to none.

Key Features:

Iconic Design: The Forty-Eight XL1200 showcases the timeless design elements that have made Harley-Davidson motorcycles legendary. From its classic peanut fuel tank to its low-slung profile, every detail reflects Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage and unmistakable style.

Powerful Engine: Equipped with a robust 1200cc Evolution engine, this bike delivers impressive performance on the road. With ample torque and smooth acceleration, it offers a thrilling ride that’s perfect for both city streets and open highways.

Responsive Handling: Thanks to its agile chassis and responsive suspension, the Forty-Eight XL1200 provides confident handling and precise control in various riding conditions. Whether navigating tight city streets or cruising on winding roads, this bike offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Modern Features: Despite its classic appearance, the 2017 Forty-Eight XL1200 comes equipped with modern technology features to enhance the riding experience. From advanced instrumentation to optional ABS brakes, it offers convenience and safety features that today’s riders appreciate.

Overall, the 2017 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight XL1200 from SKL Moto is a standout cruiser that delivers both style and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the Harley-Davidson family, this bike is sure to impress with its bold design, powerful engine, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

AED 53,000.00

Classic Touring Excellence: The 2018 Road King FLHR embodies the essence of classic touring motorcycles, offering riders a perfect blend of timeless style, comfort, and performance for unforgettable journeys.

Powerful Milwaukee-Eight Engine: Equipped with the renowned Milwaukee-Eight engine, the Road King FLHR delivers impressive power and torque, ensuring smooth acceleration and responsive performance on the open road.

Iconic Design: With its classic Harley-Davidson design elements, including a distinctive headlamp nacelle, chrome accents, and signature fuel tank badges, the Road King FLHR commands attention and exudes timeless style wherever it goes.

Comfortable Touring Features: Designed for long-distance touring, the Road King FLHR features a comfortable touring seat, spacious saddlebags, and a detachable windshield to provide riders with a relaxed and enjoyable riding experience.

Modern Technology: Incorporating modern technology such as electronic cruise control, ABS brakes, and Harley-Davidson’s advanced infotainment system, the Road King FLHR offers riders added convenience, safety, and entertainment options on their journeys.

Customization Options: Personalize your Road King FLHR with a wide range of genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and parts, allowing you to customize your bike to suit your individual style and preferences.

Experience the legendary touring capabilities of the 2018 Harley-Davidson Road King FLHR. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a test ride.

AED 33,000.00

Introducing the 2019 Harley Sportster 48 Bobber, a true masterpiece of custom craftsmanship and performance. This stunning bike has a range of premium features and modifications, making it a standout in both style and functionality.

Starting with the heart of the machine, this Sportster 48 boasts a Vance & Hines exhaust system, delivering an exhilarating roar that commands attention wherever you ride. Paired with an upgraded air filter, this bike sounds incredible and performs at its peak, ensuring a responsive and dynamic riding experience.

Adding to its distinctive look, this Bobber features a custom rear fender, giving it a sleek and aggressive silhouette that sets it apart from the crowd. The fork covers enhance its vintage-inspired design, while the custom turn signals and stop light ensure optimal visibility and safety on the road.

Every detail of this bike has been meticulously crafted, right down to the grips, which provide both comfort and control for the rider. With additional custom touches throughout, this Sportster 48 Bobber is a true reflection of individuality and style.

Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or hitting the open highway, the 2019 Harley Sportster 48 Bobber is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Experience the thrill of riding a one-of-a-kind machine that combines timeless design with modern performance.

AED 67,000.00

Experience the ultimate combination of power, performance, and reliability with the 2019 Harley Davidson Road Glide equipped with the legendary 107-engine model. Designed to conquer the open road with authority, this touring motorcycle embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure.

At the heart of the Road Glide 107 lies the formidable Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine, renowned for its smooth power delivery and exhilarating performance. With 107 cubic inches of displacement, this powerhouse delivers an unmatched riding experience, whether cruising along the highway or tackling challenging terrain.

Featuring advanced engineering and precision craftsmanship, the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine ensures optimal performance and durability mile after mile. Experience seamless acceleration, responsive throttle control, and effortless cruising, making every journey a thrill to remember.

Built to command attention, the 2019 Road Glide with the 107 engine model boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, highlighted by its iconic shark-nose fairing and dual LED headlights. Engineered to cut through the wind with ease, this touring motorcycle offers enhanced stability and control, allowing you to ride with confidence in any conditions.

Designed for comfort on long rides, the Road Glide 107 features ergonomic seating, ample storage space, and adjustable suspension, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride every time. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or exploring scenic backroads, the Road Glide 107 delivers uncompromising comfort and performance.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a high-resolution touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced navigation features, the Road Glide 107 keeps you connected and entertained on every journey.

Discover the thrill of the open road like never before with the 2019 Harley Davidson Road Glide equipped with the powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine model. Unleash your sense of adventure and experience the freedom of riding with Harley Davidson.

AED 31,000.00

For sale is a 2019 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 with only 6,000 miles. This bike is in great overall condition, well-maintained, and ready for the road. Below are the details and features of this exceptional motorcycle:


Mileage: 6,000 miles

Condition: Great overall condition

Color: Grey With Black

Specifications and Add-Ons:

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Enhances safety by preventing wheel lock-up during sudden stops.

FOB Security: Equipped with a keyless ignition system for added security and convenience.

Vance & Hines Exhaust: High-performance exhaust system for improved sound and performance.

Grips: Upgraded grips for better control and comfort.

Signals: Custom signals for a sleek and modern look.

Additional Information:

This 2019 Harley Sportster Iron 883 combines classic styling with modern performance. The Vance & Hines exhaust not only sounds great but also improves the bike’s overall performance.

The upgraded grips provide enhanced comfort, making long rides more enjoyable, while the custom signals add a touch of personal style to the bike.

The ABS and FOB security features ensure a safer and more secure riding experience.

This Iron 883 is perfect for both city cruising and longer rides, offering a great balance of style, performance, and comfort. Don’t miss the chance to own this fantastic motorcycle.

Feel free to reach out for more details or to schedule a viewing. This bike won’t last long on the market!


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