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AED 39,000.00

The 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Springer embodies the timeless allure of Harley’s heritage with its iconic styling and distinctive features. Instantly recognizable on the road, this motorcycle merges classic design cues with modern performance to create a ride that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating by SKLMOTO.

At the heart of the Dyna Springer is a potent Twin Cam 96 V-twin engine, displacing 1584cc (96 cubic inches). This air-cooled powerhouse delivers the signature Harley-Davidson rumble and robust torque, ensuring a commanding presence whether cruising through city streets or embarking on open highways. Mated to a smooth 6-speed transmission, the Dyna Springer effortlessly transitions through gears, providing a responsive and engaging riding experience.

One of the standout features of the 2009 Dyna Springer is its Springer front end. Equipped with a traditional springer fork adorned with exposed springs, this setup not only pays homage to Harley’s historic designs but also enhances the motorcycle’s retro aesthetic. Beyond its visual appeal, the springer front suspension contributes to a comfortable ride, absorbing road imperfections while maintaining stable handling characteristics.

In terms of ergonomics, the Dyna Springer offers a laid-back riding position suited for long-distance touring or relaxed urban commutes. Its low seat height and well-positioned controls ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of riders, further enhancing the overall riding experience.

Crafted with Harley-Davidson’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, the 2009 Dyna Springer invites customization. Enthusiasts can personalize their ride with a variety of Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories, tailoring the motorcycle to reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Whether admired for its classic lines, revered for its powerful performance, or cherished for its timeless appeal, the 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Springer stands as a testament to Harley’s enduring legacy. Embodying the spirit of freedom and individuality, this motorcycle continues to captivate riders who seek a blend of heritage, style, and performance on two wheels.

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Showing 1–1 of 57 results