2016 Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER XL1200 48

2016 Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER XL1200 48

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VIN Number1HD1LC311GC443637
Mileage3558 Miles
Stock NumberSKL-24-16-43637



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Harley Davidson



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Glossy Black


Step into the realm of timeless legend with the Forty-Eight® motorcycle by Harley Davidson. Born from the heritage of the iconic 2.1-gallon gas tank, which made its debut in 1948, this motorcycle embodies a legacy of strength and style unlike any other. Its distinctive bulldog stance, coupled with the commanding presence of the 1200cc Evolution® engine, ensures that every ride is a testament to unrivalled power and character.

But the allure of the Forty-Eight® extends far beyond its historic roots. With a fusion of classic design elements and cutting-edge engineering, this motorcycle redefines the boundaries of performance and aesthetics. Featuring robust 49mm front forks and an adjustable rear suspension, it effortlessly glides over any terrain, offering a harmonious balance of agility and comfort.

Cast aluminium wheels with floating rotors provide both visual appeal and superior braking power, instilling confidence in every twist of the throttle. And with a 5-speed manual transmission, riders have full control over the exhilarating experience that awaits them on the open road.

Despite its muscular presence, the Forty-Eight® is surprisingly agile, with a kerb weight that belies its strength. This combination of brawn and agility ensures a thrilling ride that is as exhilarating as it is comfortable.

With a fuel tank capacity of 7.9 litres, the Forty-Eight® strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency, allowing riders to embark on epic journeys with confidence and style. And with a seat height of 710 mm, it offers a commanding view of the road ahead, ensuring a riding experience that is both immersive and empowering.

In essence, the Forty-Eight® motorcycle is more than just a machine – it’s a symbol of freedom, individuality, and the enduring spirit of the open road. So whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring uncharted highways, the Forty-Eight® is ready to make a statement with every twist of the throttle.

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