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AED 62,000.00

Law Enforcement Excellence: The Street Glide FLHTP is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement agencies, offering reliability, performance, and versatility for patrol duties.

Powerful Milwaukee-Eight Engine: Equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight engine, the Street Glide FLHTP delivers powerful performance and smooth acceleration, ensuring officers have the necessary power to respond swiftly and confidently.

Advanced Features: Designed with advanced features tailored for law enforcement, such as optimized ergonomics, upgraded suspension for enhanced handling, and integrated electronics for seamless equipment integration.

Iconic Style: With its unmistakable Harley-Davidson style and presence, the Street Glide FLHTP commands attention on the road, projecting authority and professionalism wherever it goes.

Customization Options: Law enforcement agencies can customize the Street Glide FLHTP to meet specific requirements, with a range of available accessories and equipment options designed for police use.

Experience the reliability and performance of the 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide – FLHTP. Contact us to learn more about this specialized law enforcement motorcycle and its capabilities.

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