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AED 59,000.00

Classic Styling: The FXST boasts timeless Harley-Davidson design cues, blending vintage aesthetics with modern touches for an iconic look that stands out on the road.

Powerful Engine: Powered by a robust engine, the FXST delivers the legendary Harley-Davidson performance and rumble that enthusiasts crave, ensuring an exhilarating riding experience.

Comfortable Ride: With its comfortable seating position and ergonomic design, the FXST provides a smooth and enjoyable ride, whether cruising through city streets or embarking on long journeys.

Customization Options: Personalize your FXST to reflect your unique style and preferences with a wide range of genuine Harley-Davidson accessories and customization options, allowing you to make it your own.

Heritage and Legacy: As part of Harley-Davidson’s esteemed lineup, the FXST carries on the brand’s rich heritage and legacy of craftsmanship, quality, and freedom on the open road.

Experience the thrill of riding a Harley-Davidson with the 2022 FXST. Visit our dealership today to discover more about this classic cruiser and take it for a test ride.

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